The Tofino Yoga Dream Team

Dede Monette | Founder of Tofino Yoga
Dori Streling | Yoga Instructor
Tiffany Olsen | Yoga Instructor & Surf Sister Manager
Liz Coull | Yoga Instructor & Surf Instructor with Surf Sister
Michelle Hall | Yoga & SUP Instructor | Massage Provider | Owner of Cedarwood Cove

Ricardo Allen | Tofino Yoga Teacher Training Faculty Member

Tofino Yoga would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people who made our dream a reality. Deepest gratitude to Claire Watson Illustration & Design, our web and graphic designer extraordinaire. Without your vision and dedication, we would still be on the drawing board!

To all the photographers whom invested in our vision. Christopher Pouget for being so talented and creating such beautiful images. To Marnie Recker for capturing photos of our Tofino Retreats and Kids Yoga classes. To Precious Laplante for your creative heart and kind heart. John Kelsey Photography for your adventurous spirit. Josefin Svedberg and Valerie Minville capturing beautiful images.